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Enrollment; the process of recording entries in an official book.

For example, the names of stockholders might be registered in the official books of a corporation. Similarly motor vehicles are ordinarily registered with the state motor vehicle department, and voters are registered so that they may participate in elections. In some jurisdictions, statutes establish systems by which land titles can be registered so that the ownership of real property can always be readily ascertained through a consultation of public records.


Registration of Land Titles.

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a method of becoming a British Citizen by administrative grant.
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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently accepted the company's recommended Phase 2 dose regimen for repotrectinib in the registrational TRIDENT-1 study.
This approval for the registrational study in China marks a big milestone for us, commented Dr Frank Jiang, chairman and CEO.
The planned global registrational trial will assess the potential of rFVIIIFc to prolong protection from bleeding and to reduce the frequency of injections needed for haemophilia A treatment.
registrational development program and Mylan will be responsible for costs for the program up until the approval of the first new drug application, after which costs will be shared.
19 October 2009 - Swedish biopharma firm Biovitrum AB (STO: BVT) and US sector player Biogen Idec Inc (NASDAQ: BIIB) said today they plan to advance their fully-recombinant Factor IX Fc fusion protein (rFIXFc) into a registrational clinical trial in hemophilia B patients.
Key findings presented include that the recommended initial dose for the registrational study was defined as 15mg/m2 QD with subsequent maximum dose increase to 25mg/m2.
Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovant Sciences said on Friday that its Clinical Trial Application (CTA) for derazantinib has passed the Center for Drug Evaluation at the China National Medical Products Administration's (NMPA) approval for the launch of registrational clinical trial in patients with second-line intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (iCCA) in the second half of 2019.
His operational and regulatory experience, highlighted by the regulatory approval of antivirals such as interferon alpha-2b/ribavirin and entecavir, will greatly benefit Achillion as we accelerate our development plans and seek to initiate registrational studies with sovaprevir and ACH-3102 during the latter part of next year," said Michael D.
"We expect that many of the patients in the satraplatin Phase 3 registrational trial will have been pre-treated with and failed on a taxane-based therapy prior to entering our study.
The FDA approval of Rinvoq is supported by data from the SELECT program, one of the largest registrational Phase 3 programs in RA with approximately 4,400 patients evaluated across all treatment arms in five studies.2-6 The studies include assessments of efficacy, safety and tolerability across a variety of RA patients, including those who failed or were intolerant to biologic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and who were naive or inadequate responders to methotrexate.
Net proceeds from the offering may be used by the company to fund activities in connection with its Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) clinical programmes, advancing peginterferon lambda into a potentially registrational programme, supporting pipeline activities, and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

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