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REGNANT. One having authority as a king; one in the exercise of royal authority.

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The volume includes two further sections: a very short appendix (177-178) in which, quoting Poutrin and Schaub (2007), all the European queens regnant between 1500 and 1600 are set out on a grid and, finally, an index.
Cardiff, while mourning a King, welcomed a new monarch, the first Queen Regnant since Victoria died more than half a century earlier.
th ealy aby bump regnant will Up on no Mollie adds: "Una is so determined to do the tour - there is way she'd want to drop out.
IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW: The old maxim has returned as the regnant logic of our networked age.
Next, he explores the contributions of Pentecostal philosophy within the contemporary philosophical milieu by challenging the regnant paradigms of both philosophy of religion (chap.
Both these women are included in this survey of both queens regnant and consort who became de facto regnant: the uncrowned Matilda, heir of Henry I, who struggled against her cousin Stephen to rule; Eleanor, consort of Henry II, who finally banished her and then imprisoned her for her support of his sons' revolt; Isabella, a nasty piece of work who turned against her husband, Edward II, and eventually allied with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to oust the King and, in the author's view, to have him killed; and Margaret, who ruled when the King's mental illness made him unfit.
London, May 12 (ANI): Researchers have found a possible way to curb regnant women from suffering post-natal depression.
Again, in obeisance to the regnant deconstructivist style, this pale building -- to judge from the renderings -- twists and swerves on its axis, as Libeskind's Freedom Tower was supposed to do, and as 1 Bryant Park is already doing, not to mention Nouvel's 53 West 53rd Street.
The final section discusses later representations of the first two queens regnant, Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.
Despite recent reassessments of Mary Tudor's reign as England's first crowned queen regnant, she is still best known as the monarch in whose reign almost 300 Protestants died by burning.
He charged that "a system of prince bishops has arisen [in North America] who appear to have unfettered control over their rapidly diminishing flocks, from which all who dissent from the regnant liberalism are being driven out.
Wu Zetian, referred to as the Sacred and Divine Empress Regnant, founded the Zhou dynasty after mounting the heavenly throne in the 8th Century.