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REGNANT. One having authority as a king; one in the exercise of royal authority.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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From a scholarly point of view, this high number of women in regnant roles constitutes a rich field of investigation that permits a variety of approaches to the study of queens and queenship.
In an important argument, Diner claims that "the act of peddling erased linguistic, national, and religious differences as barriers to social integration" and served even to subvert regnant social norms among African-Americans and Native Americans in the United States, indigenous Africans in South Africa, Maori in New Zealand, and Aborigines in Australia (86).
Stoicism was the regnant philosophy of the Greco-Roman culture at the time of the NT's compilation.
La Bourse a ete affectee par l'atmosphere politique et economique regnant dans le pays, notamment concernant le rapport de Morgan Stanley Coutry Index qui est revenu sur sa decision concernant la non retrograde de l'Egypte de la categorie [beaucoup moins que]pays emergents[beaucoup plus grand que], une decision qui etait tant redoutee par les investisseurs.
McEntegart usefully complicates the regnant historiography of Henrician diplomacy, which downplays theological factors and emphasizes diplomatic interests.
Day after day, democracy is going to be the real regnant in the region, and the bilateral relations between Turkish and Kurdish journalists and intellectuals is going to be strengthen than ever.
The story in short; Holmes and his faithful sidekick were contacted by the mysterious and duplicitous Prince Regnant of Bulgaria, following the theft of an ancient and sacred manuscript.
This guide is challenging, both in the penetrating questions it asks readers about the regnant assessments of the relation of science and religion, and in its serious desire to advance the ongoing, and seemingly never ending, discussion of this topic.
1 A TINGLE YORK (A BBC boss) 2 A REGNANT IKON (Irish singer) 3 A EDNA ONE KIT (Something's Gotta Give actress) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?We give you a clue to help.
He calls for radical discipleship, subversive to the regnant attitudes in the church--and relevant to much in the church of the twenty-first century.
Cardiff, while mourning a King, welcomed a new monarch, the first Queen Regnant since Victoria died more than half a century earlier.
th ealy aby bump regnant will Up on no Mollie adds: "Una is so determined to do the tour - there is way she'd want to drop out.