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And he attacked UK Education Secretary Michael Gove for his comments about the regrade.
Plaid Cymru AM for mid and west Wales Simon Thomas said: "Why was the decision taken to regrade the WJEC English exam in the first place?
Wei said the fund has traded some 2 million barrels of regrade, mostly forward quarterly contracts, in the past week when it kicked off its business, taking a short position in the market.
Birnbach adds that Rowe did not regrade its fabrics, but admits it increased prices on selected items this market.
Tenders are invited for saw cut along raveled edge on north side of parking area and saw cut 5~ from building along patch; remove old pavement, dispose of and regrade area; repave holding grade of parking lot to create drainage swale 5~ from building and along fence line; crack seal all cracks in the area; saw cut and remove pavement where marked; regrade area to create drainage swale between buildings.
We are calling this lobby of teachers, parents and young people to send a message or Ofqual, which has its offices in Coventry, that they must right this wrong and regrade those papers to restore the integrity of our exam system and the hopes of those young people.
Leighton Andrews, responsible for exam regulation in Wales, told the WJEC exam board it should regrade hundreds of English Language papers to right an 'injustice' for pupils harshly marked down in a perceived purge against 'grade inflation'.
GCSE pupils in South Wales could see their English marks changed after the Minister for Education, Leighton Andrews, called on the exam board to regrade the exam.
Brighouse Prune three trees (tree preservation order) * 47 Woodhouse Gardens, Brighouse Single storey side extension * Ladstone House, Butterworth End Lane, Norland, Engineering works to regrade land and secure landslip (part retrospective) Application refused * Holywell Inn, 249 Stainland Road, Elland.
Tenders are invited for to regrade existing adjacent walkways, build two single toilet family restrooms additions and replace the existing plumbing fixtures with new commercial type fixtures.