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Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India] February 26 ( ANI ): A controversy has erupted after a question in the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) exams regraded Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) as 'Azad Kashmir'.
In a well-documented divergence in policy, Education Minister Leighton Andrews announced in September his intention to have Wales' borderline GCSE English language papers regraded by Welsh exam board WJEC.
They want the affected exams regraded, or face a High Court claim for a judicial review.
91sec (-10) effort by stayer Bower Surfer, although his solo was the first after the track had been regraded.
Glasgow were on top until the match was held up for 40 minutes while the track was regraded.
Thousands of papers were recalled and though only a relative handful were regraded, shortly after Ms Morris decided to step down from her job.
They have told me that they are determined to carry on with this until they get decent wages and regraded.
Smith adds that other fabrics, which did not permit new constructions, were regraded as well.
To construct Central Park, many thousands of cartloads of top soil were imported from New Jersey and Long Island, hundreds of pounds of gun powder were used to blast the Manhattan schist bedrock for the sunken transverse roads, miles of clay pipe were laid to drain the landscape, and the land was regraded and paved to form a complex system of paths and drives.
The Coventry branch of the National Union of Teachers believes some pupils were given unfair GCSE grades in English Language - and they want papers to be regraded.