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REGRESS. Returning; going back opposed to ingress. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In 43 patients belonging to the study group the nodes had been aspirated and 58% and 95% of these regressed in 2 and 6 months- time after aspiration.
Chris Klein, who plays Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher, said: "I wouln't say regressed, I would say we have never left, I would say there has been zero maturity whatever."
Rarely, regressed melanomas present as pigmented papules or nodules that are biopsied to rule out a malignant process.
Meanwhile, 526 prevalent AKs regressed, and 53 prevalent AKs regressed and then recurred.
Adolescents and adults had similar rates of CIN 2 in this study, but lesions regressed at a much higher rate in adolescents.
By the follow-up exam, (mean 11 months later) 65% of LSIL, 67% of ASCUS, 57% of ASC-H, and 55% of HSIL had regressed. Of the 129 women (60%) who returned for their follow-up exam, 64% had normal cytology.
It soon became apparent that Pilobolus was physicalizing the face of our culture that permits our more regressed instincts to rule.
They are a prime example of a society that has regressed under a nanny state soft on crime and strong on welfarism.
``I have to admit that I regressed into gambling during the summer, '' said Merson.
-AFTER being regressed on This Morning (ITV1, Weds), Darren Day claimed he was a British soldier in France during WWI.
Kelley's critical impulse is more subdued in this body of work, and one is tempted to think he has regressed, letting himself be seduced by the pleasure of making beautiful pictures.
Father Rossetti believes that theirs is a particular kind of homosexuality, which one might call regressed or stunted.