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Quantile regression (Koenker and Bassett 1978) extends the concept of percentile or quantile in the univariate analysis to regression and estimates regression relationships specific to a certain percentile of the response variable controlling for the independent variables.
Complete spontaneous regression in Merkel cell carcinoma.
The linear regression coefficient (bi) of the relationship between yield for genotype at each location and the yield for mean location is the measure of the linear responses to environmental change.
These results suggest that monthly-energy regressions accurately characterize daily energy use.
The unknown parameter introduced into a regression equation.
The first step of our regression modeling is to develop candidate regression models for each dependent variable.
Stepwise regression and stepwise discriminant analysis need not apply here: A guidelines editorial.
Logistic regression models estimate probabilities of events as functions of independent variables.
Regions of significant difference among the educational levels were found for the regressions of primary dependent variables CCRS, NCEXSD, and NCEXN on years of counselor DVR work experience.
The regressions were estimated using various sets of independent variables, including limited models using just a few price and income variables, as well as a "full" model incorporating 44 economic, geographic, and demographic variables.
So that more yield and accuracy of neural network forecasting method is achieved than the correlation and multiple regressions [7,13,1 6,18].