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He said, 'KP government was taking backward steps by introducing regressive changes in the KP RTI law.
The Regressive Left arose from the social-political movement of 20th century Europe known as the New Left.
But if regressive leftists continue successfully attacking freedom of speech and winning converts to their cause, over time speech, including books that don't toe the leftist line, will be outlawed in what was once the land of liberty.
The author, Arik Levinson, endeavors to determine if CAFE standards are less regressive than a similarly effective fuel tax.
Look closer, and you will realise why blocking of porn is so common among the regressive and least democratic governments.
We acknowledge they are coming in and we are very concerned they are highly regressive.
The application of regressive analysis in geotechnique becomes more and more every day and us used as a proper tool for data analysis.
The proposed city fee to help fund our vital services has been called a regressive tax.
Health care financing can be either progressive, if payments rise as income increases, regressive, if the opposite happens, or proportional, if the proportion of income devoted to health care payments is the same regardless of an individual's income.
Inequalities can be explained by regressive taxation, the monopolizing of housing wealth by the elites, and the undervaluing of rural land.
A flat tax is regressive since, by definition, it taxes the wealthiest and poorest families at the same rate.