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Regressive relationships also can occur between students of the same ethnic group.
Examples of a 'Heimat' discourse beyond the limited horizon of a 'counterphobic conceptualization expressed in regressive imagistic terms' (p.
''We condemn the regressive step of the Pakistani military ruler and call on him to restore democratic order in Pakistan without any further delay,'' the newspaper said in its editorial.
Regressive behaviors, nightmares, sleep problems, irrational fears, irritability, refusal to attend school, outbursts of anger and fighting are also common in traumatized children of this age.
Its conclusions were familiar: crime always accompanies legalized gambling; organized crime thrives in profitable gambling enterprises; the jobs promise is fake; compulsive gambling costs society millions; casinos are a threat to children and family life; gambling is a regressive tax on our poorest citizens.
Consumption taxes generally are considered regressive because lower-income taxpayers use a higher percentage of income for consumption.
In this evolving business climate, the BPOL tax operates as an unfair, regressive tax on jobs since the BPOL tax exacts its due regardless of whether the business makes a profit.
* A VAT is regressive. Consumers in the lower income categories pay a greater proportion of their income under this type of tax than do upper income consumers.
Moynihan threw out the first curve ball of the Congressional season by proposing to cut the Social Security payroll tax, which for years he has characterized, quite rightly, as a regressive tax.
We most often contemplate tax policy alternatives as either "progressive" or "fixed rate." We need to pay more attention to the "regressive" nature of tax policy we commonly call property tax.
To hide their own weaknesses, the political leaders are showing the danger of restoration of the 'regressive elements'.
Recently, a panchayat in the town of Rojhan in Rajanpur District interjected with its regressive attitude to claim a moment of negative fame.