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Were the data for the richest decile further disaggregated into percentile groups, the degree of regressiveness would be even more striking since the higher up the income pyramid one goes, the lower the percentage of income paid as tax.
In turn, the creature's regressiveness, its primaeval or prehistoric status, becomes the basis of the reader's common ground with it.
Nevertheless, to partly alleviate the regressiveness of VAT, the UAE government can either exempt basic goods (e.
And let's not bother to take the argument of tax regressiveness to its logical extreme, and suggest that tobacco taxes be eliminated - or, better yet, that poor people's cigarettes be subsidized through something like the food stamp program.
accounts, exacerbating the regressiveness of the proposals in later
With their ink-stained fingers, Iraqis overwhelmingly endorsed stability and freedom, soundly rejecting the insurgents' violence and regressiveness.
The regressiveness of the tax system has caused tax revolts and violence against tax collectors.
Once the overall statistical fit is established, the next step is to examine the output for further outlier influence, patterns in the errors, and progressiveness or regressiveness.