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She accepted the place, very much to her aunt's surprise and regret, when that excellent person heard of it.
Let us regret their absence to ourselves for our own sakes, but not speak of it.
So, if the second matter which you regret being unable to attend to is not more important than the first "
And so am I," replied Athos; "my only regret is not having seen D'Artagnan; but the rascal is so cunning, he might have guessed our project.
I had chosen this text-tell me, dear D'Artagnan, if it is not to your taste-'NON INUTILE EST DESIDERIUM IN OBLATIONE'; that is, 'A little regret is not unsuitable in an offering to the Lord.
How will you prove," continued the Jesuit, without allowing him time to speak, "that we ought to regret the world when we offer ourselves to God?
Ah, my young friend," added the curate, groaning, "do not regret the devil, I implore you
Mar 09 (ANI): It is well known that women regret casual sex more than men.
Regret is an emotionally uncomfortable experience, possibly leading to rumination, counterfactual thinking, and other damaging behaviors (Boles & Messick, 1995; Kahneman & Tversky, 1982; Roese et al.
His doctor told him he should begin treatment immediately, but he felt that if he didn't make that trip he would regret it for the rest of his life.
I regret the years my father and I wasted while we were estranged.
A research conducted on decision making by individuals while buying products, showed that these retailers tend to play on two factors that influence customer choices - pride and regret.