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Although set to speak of the poet's current personal and social predicament, these poems insistently hark back, not without melancholy or regretfulness, to a golden age of religious tolerance, as in "Abdallah a Grenade," to a brief interlude of relative political freedom in the homeland, as in "Entre le chevet et la nuque," or simply to certain casual and everyday things such as "Pain cuit a point / amour tres pur," as in the poem "Il est certaines choses.
And McCook, a latecomer to the cast, finds a gruff, stirring regretfulness in ``The Road You Didn't Take.
But Cody distinguishes himself by letting in a few shafts of light, showing that there was more compassion in this lonely soul's midst than he could have guessed and giving the murders and the execution something of the special regretfulness of tragedy.