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Counsel for PTI Hamid Khan regretted to contest the case and in his place Naeem Bukhari appeared before the ECP.
Some athletes regretted not talking about issues with their coaches as a means of improving their own or their team's performance; whereas others wished they had expressed their feelings to coaches with hopes of changing the coach.
A full 27% of men quizzed regretted being too shy to make a move on a potential sex partner; the two other most common regrets were not being sexually adventurous enough when young (23%) or single (19%).
Changing Your Mind: The Law of Regretted Decisions.
Unlike his dad Mike, who regretted his own decision of choosing education over sport, the younger Querrey chose sport and a few years down the line has no regrets.
While 62% regretted getting wed, the most popular reason for having a downer on marriage was the loss of freedom, while a quarter of those surveyed said they missed being able to flirt with strangers.
Dr Sarah Brewer, medical adviser to Electric Zebra, said it was no surprise 64per cent of smokers regretted ever starting.
He told the officials that he regretted "deeply and profoundly" the deaths of British troops and Iraqi civilians.
Asked whether he regretted helping the bank to grow to its present size, McColl said, 'No regrets, I have no regrets about building it large.
He regretted that he had failed to con a large proportion of the British Au a million had demonstrated against the coming war Au into supporting him.
In a brief interview with CNN earlier this month, President Bush (photo) said he regretted some of the cowboy remarks he made early in his term that drew voluminous criticism in both Europe and North America.
For half a century I have regretted that, instead of embarking on a comfortable writing career of non-fiction, wanly tinged with the imaginative, I did not go the whole hog from the start, shack up in a loft somewhere and live in a bold, indigent life writing novels.