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"At least one in five regretted after engaging in these behaviours while high, suggesting that some situations may have resulted in socially harmful or embarrassing scenarios," said Palamar.
When it came to the issue of debt, 37.7 percent of health science majors and 32.1 percent of art majors regretted their loans, followed by social sciences (30.4 percent) and education (28.1 percent).
But fully three quarters of humanities grads had regrets about their education, including 21 percent who regretted their decision to major in their chosen subject area, confirming cliches about "useless" liberal arts degrees leaving graduates deep in debt with few job prospects.
The Minister regretted that resolutions on foreign policy passed by the assembly had not been implemented by the PML-N government.
An important question which this research intends to answer is that when a customer feels regretted from his/her shopping?
It is hypothesized in this study that being unable to decide creates regretted inaction and decreased life satisfaction.
I met a man waiting for chemotherapy who had made a choice he regretted. He had been planning and saving for a trip with his family for many years.
A third (33%) of women say they've never made a financial decision they have regretted - compared with just over a quarter (26%) of men.
Although it has been discussed in depth which of the two--action or inaction--causes a stronger feeling of regret, it may be assumed that the time course of processing the feelings of regret determines which one is regretted more.
Islamabad -- The PTI founding member Hamid Khan has regretted to become attorney of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Chairman in disqualification reference filed against Imran Khan in Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).