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He added that more than 900 families from the respective villages have been regrouped, and that such program would continue in an extensive manner.
Dhaka, March1 (ANI): Around a 1,000 soldiers from the Bangladesh Rifles or BDR regrouped anxiously outside their barracks in Dhaka on Sunday.
They also voiced determination to get regrouped in an association and redouble endeavors so as to greatly boost production and stabilize the market.
After a two year hiatus, Primus regrouped last fall to release the EP/DVD combo ``People Should Not Try to Act Like Animals'' followed by a tour.
The operations have been regrouped as a new subsidiary company - Global Stone PenRoc Inc.
Back on track: After an 0-3 start that dropped Valencia out of the national rankings, the Vikings appear to have regrouped in time for the start of league.
After losing three consecutive games at one point, the Firebirds have regrouped to split their past four despite a sputtering offense that's averaging just 35.
The Indians regrouped during the break and performed better in the second half.
The Pilots struggled last season but regrouped in time to win the second-tiered Divisional Championship.
They regrouped, won 12 straight and brought home the Pac-10 title.
The Kings hoped they regrouped from last week's three-game meltdown in a 2-1 loss Wednesday at San Jose, but it extended their losing streak to a season-high four games.