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The team of the secretariat is returning to capital Kathmandu with the completion of the regrouping.
ISLAMABAD (PAN): British High Commissioner to Pakistan Robert Brinkley voiced concern over what he termed regrouping of Taliban and al-Qaeda militants in the tribal border regions with Afghanistan.
Let's use the chip trading game to explain the regrouping process.
He had escaped to Pakistan from Afghanistan's Tora Bora caves and was regrouping al-Qaeda fighters.
JBoss Group LLC, a commercial company regrouping developers from the state-of-the-art JBoss Open Source application server, has announced their decision to broaden their offerings for the enterprise level developer with CocoBase Enterprise O/R, the leading object-to-relational mapping tool, optimized for EJB and Java.
It envisages the regrouping of the current 52 parishes and eight missions to 16 super-parishes which would take the names of new patron saints.
The regrouping of these earlier projects would become a reconstructed fragment of a now vanished society, one that played a leading role in the century about to end.
The terrorists may be arrested hut the threat is not gone--they are sitting back and regrouping.
If regrouping occurs, the taxpayer must disclose this to the IRS in a manner yet to be determined.
A two-group discriminant function analysis was used to determine the extent to which WAIS-R subtest regrouping variables were useful in correctly predicting membership in the successful and unsuccessful LD adult groups.
World events and other economic factors have impacted the growth and direction of the high tech industry and many organizations are regrouping.
Security Council stressed on Thursday that M23 rebels must be stopped from regrouping in Democratic Republic of Congo and expressed concern at Congolese soldiers aiding Rwandan Hutu militia, sparking a verbal clash between the countries' envoys.