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The second round of regrouping conducted by the Army Integration Special Committee has concluded at all the seven divisions in Nepal that began on April 14.
Brinkley told a press conference in Peshawar after meeting the NWFP governor Owais Ahmad Ghani and Chief Minister Amir Haidar Khan Hoti that militants were once again regrouping in the tribal areas.
Let's use the chip trading game to explain the regrouping process.
Military chiefs suspected he was regrouping killers after spotting a flood of emails and cash transfers.
If regrouping occurs, the taxpayer must disclose this to the IRS in a manner yet to be determined.
A two-group discriminant function analysis was used to determine the extent to which WAIS-R subtest regrouping variables were useful in correctly predicting membership in the successful and unsuccessful LD adult groups.
Security Council stressed on Thursday that M23 rebels must be stopped from regrouping in Democratic Republic of Congo and expressed concern at Congolese soldiers aiding Rwandan Hutu militia, sparking a verbal clash between the countries' envoys.
Social- service facilities put in place in remote areas of Afabet sub-zone are playing significant role in the regrouping of citizens in the region leading nomadic pattern of living, reports indicated.
Peshawar, Sept 5 (ANI): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has claimed the Taliban is regrouping in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan, in a bid to launch attacks on it and Punjab.
ISLAMABAD, June 02, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Elimination of militants leadership is must to stop any possibility of their regrouping in future in Swat, said NWFP Information Minister Main Iftikhar Hussain talking to British TV.
Typical incubator clients are pre-launch phase entrepreneurs who have an idea, but need the support and assistance of a structured framework or existing entrepreneurs who are looking for support services while regrouping in anticipation of a growth phase.