regular arrangement

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Ewald, who was writing his doctoral dissertation in the year 1912, the title of which was, "On the Propagation of Electro-Magnetic Radiation in a Medium Consisting of a Regular Arrangement of Resonators.
Access to child care also makes a difference: compared to not having any regular arrangement or having only parental care, the use of relative care is associated with low-income mothers' move to a new job.
Oxfam's also had a single lot of Habitat goodies - though most of those have now been sold, and no regular arrangement is in place.
WORKING FROM HOME/TELECOMMUTING Working from home, whether it's five days a week, or any other regular arrangement, can be an ideal way to combine a full-time job and family.
Because of their regular arrangement, the list of neighboring cells is fixed and may be precomputed once and for all at the beginning of the program (in subroutine MAPS).
3 and 4) that only the 10S-60B-10S copolymer maintains the ordered structure of the neat copolymer in PS/PB (4/1) and PS/PP (4/1) blends, while the regular arrangement of the 40S-60B-40S copolymer is lost in these blends.
Before the officer dropped her back in the city's red light area known as the Drag, Maureen said he asked if they could make a regular arrangement.
The technique not only allows the nanotubes to grow in a regular arrangement but is also "a way of mass-producing nanotubes of the diameter that you want," says study coauthor Jimmy Xu, soon to be at Brown University in Providence, R.
Finally, the average change in hours between the previous job and the main 1994 job was different only for men and women who worked in the regular part-time employment arrangement add women in the self-employed regular arrangement, relative to the changes for those in the full-time regular employment arrangement.
He was offered food, liquor, and money as part of the regular arrangement.
Building on the success of the week so far, he hopes to make walking buses a regular arrangement and set up roadcrossing patrols on busy roads close to the school.