regular arrangement

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This concept theoretically predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916 and experimentally demonstrated for the first time in 1961 can be adopted for the phonon, a vibrational quantum in a crystal which consists of a regular arrangement or lattice of atoms in space.
Sometimes, the ripples in the sand have disruptions in their regular arrangement, with added patterns that can resemble zigzags, tuning forks, and other designs.
They were of unanimous opinion that the practice must be immediately stopped with long term and regular arrangement to prevent its recurrence in any other parts of the country.
Singh, a 1987 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer of Jammu and Kashmir cadre would hold the charge of DGP in addition to his own duties, till a regular arrangement is made.
Pairing can be a regular arrangement between two individuals, or an arrangement for one specific vote.
While normally, her father had a different homecare arrangement, during those days that he was staying at the prime minister's residence, his regular arrangement was unavailable.
Parts Generation Properties Asphalt layer Regular arrangement Elastomer Graded aggregate base layer Random permutation Unbound granular Subgrade soil layer Regular arrangement Elastomer Loading plate Regular arrangement Elastomer Parts Contact models Asphalt layer Contact and parallel bonds Graded aggregate base layer Parallel bonds Subgrade soil layer Contact and parallel bonds Loading plate Clump
As is well known, a critical factor to the generation of shrinkage stresses is the crystallization of semi-crystalline polymer, which has been reported by many researchers [11-15], In other words, the regular arrangement of molecular chains during the cooling process will significantly induce the shrinkage stress.
The stem cells are thus not so tightly packed and, at the same time, do not have such a regular arrangement. This poor organization leads, among other things, to the stem cells becoming differentiated at an earlier stage.
He added: "I've always liked swimming but it's a habit I got out of, so having this regular arrangement with John acts as my motivation to do something active.
This time, the regular arrangement was scrapped to make way for a special surprise for one of the group who, by some senior moment slip, was not informed of the change of plans.
Darkly stained cells of the periodontal ligament showed regular arrangement within the fibers.