regular arrangement

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As is well known, a critical factor to the generation of shrinkage stresses is the crystallization of semi-crystalline polymer, which has been reported by many researchers [11-15], In other words, the regular arrangement of molecular chains during the cooling process will significantly induce the shrinkage stress.
They were of unanimous opinion that the practice must be immediately stopped with long term and regular arrangement to prevent its recurrence in any other parts of the country.
The stem cells are thus not so tightly packed and, at the same time, do not have such a regular arrangement.
He added: "I've always liked swimming but it's a habit I got out of, so having this regular arrangement with John acts as my motivation to do something active.
This time, the regular arrangement was scrapped to make way for a special surprise for one of the group who, by some senior moment slip, was not informed of the change of plans.
Darkly stained cells of the periodontal ligament showed regular arrangement within the fibers.
Breaking up the grid's regular arrangement, the spaces seemed to function as a reminder that these works, like vinyl, also circulate in a system of exchange.
He said that provincial government would make legislation for prevention of thalesemia and make a regular arrangement for its patients.
She said while this is a "necessary first step, it remains essential that a robust and regular arrangement be put in place, which allows humanitarian organizations unhindered access to evacuate the wounded and deliver desperately needed supplies.
2001): there are a great deal of small pits with the characteristics of regular arrangement, similar shape and different sizes in the surface.
Helen passes with flying colours, but Amy thinks she can take advantage of the situation and make it a regular arrangement.
Neighbours said it was a regular arrangement and the baby had stayed at the house where the dogs were kept several times before.