regular performance

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The contract may be extended by a further two years at the agreement of both parties and following regular performance review and achievement of key performance indicators.
The market was affected with geopolitical events and such interaction was recorded among companies with regular performance, namely those enlisted in the Kuwait-15 index.
It's been announced that nurses and midwives (why not doctors as well) are to have more regular performance assessments.
Once remaining hotel establishments activate their participation in STR Global, they too will have access to regular performance data and performance data comparisons between their own hotel and others within the same classification, or among a chosen competitor set.
Her dedication to regular performance training has paid off in the selection period for the Commonwealths, Sarah securing her place with strong results in competitions.
The "WoodSongs Coffeehouse School" project encourages students to create a regular performance event at the school.
The committee recommended in its report that there should be regular performance appraisals of public sector employees, and comparisons with other countries.
e authority, in partnership with the regional consortium, undertakes regular performance reviews of its schools," he said.
Integral Ballet is located at 1842 Merrick Road in Merrick and accepts ongoing enrollment for ballet students ages two through adult and offers regular performance opportunities for professional-track and recreational dancers.
In an answer to Mr Fabricant in the House of Commons, Mr Baker said: "In addition to the regular performance reports that London Midland provides in line with its contractual obligations, the Department for Transport now receives daily updates on performance levels, enabling us to monitor closely the current level of cancellations.
No other venues have cancelled their concerts or disrupted their programmes yet, though some musicians such as the Riff Band have cancelled their 10 anniversary gig, while musician Basheer and his band cancelled their regular performance at After Eight.
Redeemable for one ticket with the purchase of another ticket of equal value for any regular performance through Nov.