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Our research has shown that kids' regularity is a top concern for parents, in particular when transitioning their toddler to solid foods," stated Nicole Bourdeau, senior brand manager for Culturelle Kids.
The Committee also thoroughly discussed Civil Servant (Amendment) Bill, 2015 and Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2015.
That has become a classic tool to prove linearization and regularity results for vectoral problems, they say, but they develop a very far reaching version of the general principle that can linearize general degenerate parabolic systems.
42% of consumers look for digestive regularity as a functional food benefit; 36% for digestive health other than regularity.
LAHORE, February 16, 2012 (Frontier Star): The Punjab Assembly opposition leader, Raja Riaz said that Shahbaz Sharif is responsible for cardiac patient's death as he failed to setup Drug Regularity Authority in the province.
They examine the concept and its implications in full, determining that a crucial tool that is used in the proof and is of independent interest is a generalization of Szemeredi's regularity lemma to a certain hypergraph setting.
The sequence of the exhibition is chronological, though there tends to be thematic unity in the artist's particular focus at any given moment, and self-portraits appear with more regularity at the beginning and end of the show.
The meltingly fluid scogli and sensuous vegetation soften and harmonize with the regularity of the palazzo above, orchestrating an exquisite unity of sculpture and architecture.
A trader can be engaged in a trade or business if the activity is conducted with continuity and regularity and with a primary purpose of producing income or profit; expenses incurred in the trading activity would constitute trade or business expenses.
When compared to other home characteristics, parental availability was one of the top predictors of school success, followed by the amount of time available at home for schoolwork, regularity of parental reading at home, regularity of the child being read to at home, presence of someone to aid in schoolwork, and regularity of the child eating breakfast.
From that idea came Elliott's vision of Woop Woop, a bizarre town in the Aussie outback where everyday life is awash in brutality -- yet the entire redneck populace lives with a Rodgers and Hammerstein fixation, breaking into song with alarming regularity.