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Six employees regularized in grade-5, one in grade-4, one in grade-4 and the remnant in grade-2.
A trapezoid is regularized if the length of its smaller diagonal is not less than 1 and two smaller angles are opposite.
Under the orders given by Supreme Court in 2009 around 4500 daily wagers were regularized, while 22 labourers of architecture section were left to be regularized.
Among the supervisors of the daily wagers, there are 12 Naib Qasids, four dafris, two gardeners, 12 sweepers, three drivers, one generator operator and one Khadim for the mosque have also been made regularized.
When the CDA failed to implement the Boards decision, the daily-wagers went to the court seeking direction to regularize them as daily wage employees of other organization were regularized according to the recommendation of a committee head by Syed Khurshid Shah.
KHAIRPUR -- Shah Abul Lateef University Tuesday regularized its 48 daily wages employees.
Counsel prayed that since the scheme had been brought on regular basis so in this capacity the employees associated with it were also to be made permanent but some of the members had been regularized while petitioners including scale I, V and VIII employees, had been discriminated who were also entitled to alike treatment.
All the contract government employees are regularized after two years of service but these teachers are still awaiting their regularization orders.
Central president of NADRA employees union, Saleem Sherpao said that about 1100 employees including Data Entry Operator (DEO) were regularized in NADRA, adding that KPK as per government rules, the DEO works in BPS-12, while the authority had regularized them in Grade-VII.
He further said that around 475 doctors were working in PPHI in different BHUs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adding that we were trained the LHWs as the government were regularized them but still we were on the contract.
The contract employees who will be regularized include employees from grade 1 to grade 4.
Anjum Habib Vohra stressed upon the employees being regularized to discharge their duties diligently and serve the ailing humanity with devotion and dedication.