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By looking at 104 regulated banks and 172 foreign-regulated branches in the United Kingdom, the authors find that when UK regulators increased the capital requirements for regulated banks, the growth in their lending decreased.
Some plants are switching from chlorine to chloramines because they reduce the production of the regulated THMs.
My members had a sudden brush with the possibility that they would have to be regulated," he said.
They were also able to identify the location of their regulated data and which users, departments or applications had created these files.
So far this decade, states have reported over 371,000 confirmed releases from regulated underground storage tanks (approximately 60 percent of which affected local water quality).
To achieve the desired neutrality, regulated companies should be combined and considered as one entity and non-regulated companies should be combined and considered as one entity for purposes of determining and allocating consolidated tax savings.
Obviously, if I control both TC and P in the equation TC = P x Q, I have, de facto, regulated Q.
Hospital Labs: Hospital labs are the most highly regulated of all.
Contrast this pattern of mistakes with how state insurance departments have vigorously regulated the industry and conducted market conduct exams to protect consumer interests.