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The median amount of these by-products was 400 parts per trillion, which was lower than the 31 parts per billion (ppb) of regulated THMs.
is well regulated but is not constrained by regulation, that it is in fact more competitive.
Labs included in the survey are those running regulated patient samples for routine diagnostics, or unregulated patient samples for diagnostics/prognostics/ theranostics-oriented research.
As a result, corporate officers and their organizations across America face substantial legal and financial penalties if regulated data is not properly managed and retained over its lifecycle.
A 1905 base pair region of the human CYP1A1 promoter/enhancer region was regulated by AhR in zebrafish liver cells after exposure to TCDD (10 nM) in a transient transfection assay.
Tanks of more than 1,100 gallons, such as those found at gas stations, marinas and airports, are federally regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); smaller tanks for home use, mainly concentrated in the Northeast, are not.
When price controls took effect in 1993, after a 1992 law that regulated the industry, rates initially went down, saving customers billions of dollars.
CPAs in traditional firms will see little change: They'll still be licensed professionals in licensed firms with all services regulated.
Including rent controlled units, that regulated number goes up to 56,727.
What the proposed regulations accord too little weight to, however, is the fact that a single vertically integrated business activity may be conducted through the use of several subsidiaries, and that the structure of a group's non-regulated subsidiaries can affect the amount of the consolidated tax savings allocated to a regulated member of the group.
the quantity of each service consumed under RBRVS regulated rates will be exactly what it would have been had the existing structure of charge been continued.
If Wyden's amendment passes Congress, then all labs will be regulated under CLIA (see coupon).