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The measurement of the regulative pillar is based on a composite measure of governance indicators established by the World Bank (World Bank's Governance Indicators 2011, 2012) and covers four items: political instability and violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality and rule of law (adapted from Ang et al.
Kant's best known regulative ideal is found in his ethics: the "kingdom of ends.
We intend to use three questionnaires (the Big Five Questionnaire, ERQ and NMR-S) to acquire e-learners attributes including personality, emotion regulation strategy and emotion regulative method and construct the matching rule base for emotion compensation.
Regulative institutions' effects on the development of a smart city and its adoption and acceptance by the end users
For example, Scott's (1995) framework incorporates regulative, cultural-cognitive, and normative institutional "pillars.
While regulative elements mostly reflects formal sides of institutions, normative and cognitive elements mostly emphasizes social obligations in accordance with informal aspects.
It should be relatively passive due to the injunction to merely piggyback on people's expressions of their will, and it should be structurally monist--a unified body of doctrine guided by one regulative principle--because its normative underpinnings are the same irrespective of the type of contract at hand.
As Nicholas Lash has expounded on many occasions, in John Henry Newman's 1877 Preface to the third edition of the Via Media of the Anglican church, Newman plays upon the three offices of the church--the priestly, the prophetic and the kingly--as images for three necessarily interrelated dimensions of and responsibilities within the church's life: the devotional and spiritual, the teaching and intellectual, and the regulative and governmental.
Linguo-cognitive model of the concept as the flexible regulative rationality reveals the activity of the cognitive processes and the mentality of the epistemological-ontic subject, its leading constructive role in the formation of the language, and world pictures of conceptual post-non-classic type.
Regarding the creation of a new legal and regulative framework for energy cooperation in the Mediterranean, the Cypriot Presidency supports the conclusions of the Council of November 24, 2011, regarding the strengthening of the external dimension of the EU energy policy and submitting a proposal to the partners for the creation of a regional EU-South Mediterranean energy partnership, which will initially focus on electricity and the development of the market for renewable energy sources by the year 2020," he said.
He stressed the importance of clinging to the legal and regulative measures and to develop the government with important projects that deal with people's concerns, especially electricity, water, education, communications and roads.
It should start to put its weight behind banking deregulation and the reduction of banking costs; it should reverse the regulative overkill that UK bureaucracy has indulged in.