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Customary; usual; with no unexpected or unusual variations; in conformity with ordinary practice.

An individual's regular course of business, for example, is the occupation in which that person is normally engaged to gain a livelihood.


(Conventional), adjective according to rule, accustomed, average, classic, common, commonplace, conformable, consuetudinal, consuetudinary, conventional, customary, everyday, expected, familiar, general, habitual, iustus, natural, normal, ordinarius, ordinary, popular, prevailing, prevalent, routine, run of the mill, stock, traditional, typical, unchanged, undeviating, unexceptional, usual, wonted, workaday
Associated concepts: regular employment, regular interest


(Orderly), adjective balanced, certus, controlled, cyclic, established, even, fixed, invariable, measured, methodical, patterned, periodic, periodical, recurring, regulated, rhythmic, seasonal, stable, steady, successive, symmetrical, systematic, uniform, unvarying, well-regulated
Associated concepts: presumption of regularity, regular course of business, regular election
See also: accustomed, chronic, connected, consistent, constant, continual, conventional, current, customary, daily, familiar, general, habitual, household, mundane, natural, ordinary, periodic, prevailing, prevalent, punctual, repeated, routine, systematic, traditional, typical, uniform, usual
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Perhaps, the objective would be better served with RBI itself becoming the sole regulator for all loans, including home loans.
Mechanics, there are two different types of 200-amp regulators for M113-series vehicles.
The structure and responsibilities of the regulator need to evolve to mirror the evolution of the relevant technologies it supervises.
The ISL6505 ACPI controller is part of a total system solution with Intersil's CPU core multiphase regulators and DDR memory power controllers to provide a complete VRM10/i865/i875 computer motherboard power system solution enabling Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology.
But Europeans, who are understandably less concerned about the implications of European regulators passing judgment on American business combinations, know a different man.
9339, "Working Papers: Auditing Interpretations of Section 339" (Professional Standards, AICPA) sets forth guidelines for providing regulators with access to auditors' workpapers.
But lately, providers have been taking a less combative, more collaborative approach, bringing surveyors and regulators "on board" both figuratively and literally.
The unit initially controlled to the same power profile as the old impedance regulator, and immediately proved itself capable of controlling the furnace (the IAF didn't use any of the preprogrammed relationships found in the impedance regulator).
The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), together with the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), is hosting the fourth World Forum on Energy Regulation (1), taking place in Athens, on 18-21 October.
Roday said the achievements of the past year are significant, particularly what he referred to as "the Iowa example" of the regulator reaching out to the industry compliance organization and of IMSA bringing together companies and in short order promulgating new standards.

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