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Customary; usual; with no unexpected or unusual variations; in conformity with ordinary practice.

An individual's regular course of business, for example, is the occupation in which that person is normally engaged to gain a livelihood.

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Secret recordings made by Carmen Seqarr a, a bank examiner for the Fed in New York-parked at Goldman Sachs- exposes the degree to which Fed regulators were actually failing the taxpayers they allegedly protect against the 'too big to fail' corporations that the government created.
Another important reason for why markets fail and thus, require regulation, is 'information asymmetry.' When consumers do not have perfect information on the quality or safety of a product or service while suppliers do, regulators step in to ensure that quality or safety is assured.
The former union minister said it was very glib for Jaitley to say regulators were responsible.
"Regulators should consider moving away from the traditional debate between risk-based and principles-based regulation and leverage data to cut enforcement and compliance costs."
Taking time to understand each application in detail and then selecting and installing the correct type and size of pressure regulator will ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.
Charity regulators habitually violate the law they purport to enforce using the tactic of sending written demands to charities without citing the legal authority.
Jamal Al-Hamadi, another bus driver said he is happy to pay regulators as long as there is an official, transparent system that certifies them.
An additional advantage of this structural separation of the local loop would be to solve the perennial problem of NTT East and West discriminating in favor of group companies by removing any incentive by LoopCo to favor "family firms." The regulator could set competitive efficiency improvement targets for LoopCo to ensure that local loop services are competitive.
Typical discrete solutions utilize various on-board regulators for LAN/GbE, VCC-VID, PCI slots, Universal Serial Bus, keyboard, and mouse consisting of voltage references, resistors, capacitors, op amps, diodes, bipolar and MOS transistors.
Task force chairman David Arculus said: 'In almost every aspect of our lives, there is an independent regulator telling us what we can and cannot do.
In discussions about rivalry among alternative bank regulators, a common concern is that regulators will "race to the bottom." Each regulator, it is argued, will want to attract as many banks into its constituency as possible.
The 52-page final rule refers to consultation with one or more supervisory agencies but appears to define Supervisory Agency that is not a state regulator, per se.

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