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S, major reinsurance jurisdictions are sophisticated and implement and maintain effective regulatory systems.
That means that an extraordinary amount of highly sensitive, risk-intensive information is held in databases, applications and systems that lie well beyond the reach of most businesses' financial, regulatory and IT controls.
Rockman and his coworkers also inserted copies of human and chimp regulatory sequences into human-brain cells grown in laboratory cultures.
Anyone who is involved in the regulatory process knows it begins ten years or so before you ever see a rule," says William Kovacs, a Chamber of Commerce vice president who's met with Tozzi "a hundred times" to plot strategy.
Typically, what customers require is a custom solution for regulatory compliance that integrates multiple hardware and software technologies, along with professional services to get the job done right.
The limited differentiation among degrees of risk also creates incentives for banks to "game" the system through regulatory capital arbitrage by selling, securitizing, or otherwise avoiding exposures for which the regulatory capital requirement is higher than the market requires and pursuing those for which the requirement is lower than the market would apply to that asset, say, in the economic enhancement necessary to securitize the asset.
However, to fulfill this potential, the predictions, especially those considered for regulatory decision making, need to be scientifically valid, appropriate for the purpose intended, reliable, and accepted by decision makers.
The regulatory aspect of a change of ownership is an often overlooked element that can have great impact on the timing of the transaction and on the liabilities of the purchaser.
162-4, and used the amount of repair expenses determined for regulatory accounting purposes only as a reasonable approximation of that allowed for tax purposes, intending to make adjustments later.
It would be easier to believe that UMRA's toothlessness was accidental if this were the only time Republicans had loudly proclaimed regulatory reform while doing nothing of consequence.