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It hopes to benefit local farmers by enabling them to restart or expand farming activities with rehabilitated infrastructure, and provide agricultural livelihood opportunities for displaced people returning home.
Senior Minister for local government and rural development department Inayatullah said that under the umbrella of MSP 147699 meters drains had been cleaned, 26000 meters water supply pipes had been rehabilitated, 22 blocked public toilets and 71250 meters drains had been rehabilitated which has costed more than 5000 millions.
A press release issued by FATA Secretariat stated that a 1561 meters long road rehabilitated in Mohammad Rasheed Kor area of Kamali Halimzai.
Total 79 percent people have been rehabilitated and remaining 21 percent are still to be settled or rehabilitated.
As part of its plan, the government is "liberating" these bonded tillers - living in the Mid-Western and Far-Western regions - without making sure how and where they will be rehabilitated.
They were put into a controlled institution but it was decided that they had been rehabilitated and were deemed safe to be returned to society.
Russia's supreme court has formally rehabilitated Nicholas II, the country's last tsar, declaring that he and his family were unlawfully killed by Soviet authorities in an act of political repression.
Ten future thefts from shops and businesses could be stopped if one shoplifter is rehabilitated.
Scientists fitted both the rehabilitated (rescued and treated) seals and wild seals with tags that track their location and diving activities.
How did rehabilitated birds fare after being released?
The Tax Reform Act of 1976 allowed accelerated depreciation on rehabilitated buildings.