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The restoration of former rights, authority, or abilities.

The process of rehabilitating a witness involves restoring the credibility of the witness following Impeachment by the opposing party. Rehabilitating a prisoner refers to preparing him or her for a productive life upon release from prison.


noun adjustment, alteration, development, improvement, instauration, readjustment, rebuilding, reclamation, reconstitution, reconstruction, recreation, recuperation, redemption, reeducation, reestablishment, reformation, reindoctrination, reinstatement, remodeling, renewal, renovation, reorganization, repair, reparation, restitution, restoration, resurrection, return, revival, revivement, revivification, salvation
Associated concepts: company rehabilitation
See also: change, correction, improvement, progress, reconversion, remedy, rendition, renewal, reorganization, repair, reparation
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Rehabilitation professionals are prepared to provide an individual with disability assistance in achieving their goals.
In addition, the journal will include input from those most impacted by rehabilitation programs--individuals with disabilities.
In contrast, the 10% rehabilitation tax credit for substantial rehabilitations of non-historic, non-residential buildings built before 1936 is a single IRS tax form submission and requires no federal or state involvement.
Hyatt: How does your association help post-acute rehabilitation providers?
The first principle is that patients undergoing rehabilitation treatment should be working toward the achievement of functional goals.
Country Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Newburyport, Massachusetts,
While both partners may individually participate and benefit at some level from research sponsored by National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), unique studies funded through RSA (e.
Professional Recognition & Development of Community Rehabilitation Providers.
Recognizing the success of the federal program, several states have adopted legislation establishing state historic rehabilitation tax credits.
The Great Lakes Regional Rehabilitation Hospital is a specialty rehabilitation hospital in Oakland County which offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical rehabilitation programs and services to patients recovering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, fractures, amputations and head injuries.
Riverside Rehabilitation Institute anticipates significant results from improved IRF-PAI documentation and scoring across all disciplines resulting in optimized efficiency and maximized revenue from the MediLinks implementation," said Renee K.

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