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The expertise of the inpatient cardiac rehabilitation team is vital at this point.
To capture nurses' roles and functions in the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, we chose to conduct open focus group interviews with three groups of randomly selected nurses from three different rehabilitation hospitals.
Once stable she was transferred to a paediatric ward where she spent five months recovering and undergoing specialist neurological rehabilitation under the care of the brain injury rehabilitation team.
The rehabilitation team members are qualified specialists in their own fields and include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and swallowing therapists, psychologists, dieticians, recreational therapists, social workers and rehabilitation nurses.
Just one hospital in Ireland has access to a specialist community rehabilitation team, the study has shown.
After meeting up with the two paramedics, former nurse Lenna said: "Words cannot express the thanks I feel, and I think we should appreciate the excellent work done by the paramedics, often under difficult conditions, as well as the staff at the hospital and the rehabilitation team.
The rehabilitation team will include a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and, if necessary, a speech therapist.
The objective of our outpatient service is to treat and assist patients in regaining their sense of independence with an expert rehabilitation team serving as a support system," said Magi Livadaris, VP for Clinical Operations at Amana Healthcare.
BASR Cochlear implantation and rehabilitation team participated in a launch seminar of a project entitled "support to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, education and rehabilitation services for people affected by deafness in Palestine", which was held on the Effeta Institute in Bethlehem by John Paul II Foundation and under the auspices of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with participation of several local civil society institutions and Italian partner organizations, in the aim at promoting the quality of life of people with hearing impairment and total hearing loss in Palestine by enhancing their access to inclusive health care, rehabilitation and education services.
It also has a number of cultural elements including four Arabic majlis areas for patients, their families and the rehabilitation team to interact.
And LVG has ordered his medical staff, rehabilitation team and fitness coaches to have his crocks fit to take on Chelsea and Manchester City in the new year.
According to Bild Am Sonntag, Michael's rehabilitation team at home involves 15 people, which includes doctors, nurses, medical aids, and various therapists.

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