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Attention all hotel owners: Did you know that federal tax credits can be used as a financing source for a substantial rehabilitation of a hotel?
A substantial rehabilitation means that a taxpayer's rehabilitation expenditures during a 24-month or 60-month measuring period must exceed the aggregate "adjusted basis" of the building.
The successful rehabilitation of individuals who have sustained a brain injury can be a difficult task (Cohen, 1985).
Kreutzer, Wehman, Morton, and Stonnington (1988) stated that vocational status has become one of the most important outcome variables in head injury rehabilitation and research.
Undergraduate programs in rehabilitation are typically associated with programs in rehabilitation, counseling, psychology, allied health, education, or social work.
the history and philosophy of vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs;
These rehabilitation projects cover the spectrum of possible uses, such as the rehab conversion of a vacant warehouse into spacious rental residential lofts, the restoration of a historic hotel to its original grandeur coupled with all the conveniences of contemporary culture, or the upgrade of an office building to luxury Class A office or apartment space.
To achieve and maintain community employment among people with severe mental illness rehabilitation technology has undergone significant development in the past two decades.
Each year, the state-federal rehabilitation system supports vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for hundreds of thousands of individuals with disabilities.
Fortunately, developers of historic rehabilitations can find expert assistance with the tax credit syndication process.
The research reported in this article was supported by grant number H133C90067 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research to Research Associates of Syracuse.
Still others can be helped through vocational rehabilitation services to enter or re-enter the job market.