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The current study was designed as a replication, with some additions, of Szymanski and Parker's (1989b) study of New York State VR counselors, which indicated relationships between level of counselor education and rehabilitation outcomes for clients with severe disabilities.
The latter group included clients whose disabilities were classified as non-severe and those clients closed as ineligible for vocational rehabilitation services (Status 08) whose disability status was not known.
The lack of up-to-date information on treatment and prognosis of the disease on the part of vocational rehabilitation professionals;
The medical sector's failure to refer for rehabilitation services has been suggested as a reason so few persons with cancer appear on vocational rehabilitation case lists.
A large percentage of overall OVR consumers' evaluations and placements were in Community Rehabilitation Programs.
While private programs had a higher rate of successful job placement, OVR remains the only available source of vocational rehabilitation available to this population.
While there may be significant overlap in job responsibilities, job titles for rehabilitation majors tend to vary depending on the place of employment.
However, at a minimum, rehabilitation graduates can be expected to bring the following kinds of knowledge and skills to any position: intake interviewing, case finding and community outreach, basic case management, fundamental vocational evaluation and work adjustment techniques and procedures, preliminary job development and job plalcement techniques, client advocacy, individual rehabilitation program planning, behavior change techniques, and specialized administrative/supervisory skills.
For people with mental illness, the emphasis is on providing services in the community as much as possible, rather than at rehabilitation or mental health centers.
Thus, the goal of vocational rehabilitation is to help people with psychiatric disabilities who are already employed to secure positions at advanced levels of responsibility, salary, and independence.
The closure code indicates the stage of the rehabilitation process at which an individual was closed from the active caseload status.
As financial advisors working on the developer's behalf, SCR evaluates the project's financial building blocks, determines the eligibility and potential qualifying basis for rehabilitation tax credits, refines the equity structure, prepares offering materials including financial spreadsheet analysis, and directs communications with the top national equity investors.