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Leave the cash with councils in the first place and they can fund the rehash.
Good old Gordon, the master of the rehash and the sleight of hand.
McGavin is the Acting Curator of Entomology at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History and has researched the world on the topic--so drawing upon his considerable expertise, ENDANGERED is more than a simple rehash of extinction theory as he deftly examines the different types and scales of extinctions and their consequences.
A rehash of articles from their fortnightly satirical newspaper, 50 Golden Years of the Chaser is the latest offering to hit bookstores from The Chaser team, makers of The Chaser s War on Everything and CNNNN.
While the theme of biblical interpretation has been treated extensively for decades of biblical scholarship, this volume is not simply a rehash of well-worn views.
We have all read books that rehash the same tired motif of the fairy tale relationship.
This lawsuit is another ill-disguised and frivolous attempt by Cablevision to rehash their earlier baseless allegations, when they asked the courts last fall to prevent the City Planning Commission from conducting a public hearing regarding the proposed rezoning of the Hudson Yards area.
In our Comment, we rehash some of the gories of the campaign and then examine what lies ahead.
Featuring an anchor crew mostly from out-of-state, the first newscast's first story was a rehash by Dewayne Graham of Arkansas' equitable education funding and school consolidation issues.
In its three-page declaration submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association unfortunately had to rehash old arguments that "newsletter journalism serves the public interest in the same manner, and through the same means, as the more popular press.
He added that Romanow did nothing more than rehash "his preliminary musings as the Commission got underway", and noted that when Romanow was premier of Saskatchewan his province had the longest health care waiting lists.
To assert that some of the themes of Townspeople and Nation have been presented in earlier work is by no means to suggest that the book is simply a rehash.