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What is being claimed as a vision is political plagiarism," said Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, adding that Modi had revealed nothing new and simply rehashed the UPA government's record.
The rehashed productions trade off fond memories of much-loved films.
First, Flanagan's general contention (as summarized by Sanchez) that "it would not count as an act of free will if some nondeterministic quantum fluctuation" causally contributed to an eventual action (an argument long rehashed since the advent of quantum physics) presupposes a myopic view of "freedom" and "self-authorship.
The original visual language in these portraits that editor Mark Holborn writes about in his note seems nothing more than rehashed 19th-century "Orientalism" combined with 21st-century Madison Avenue fashion photography--more fetish and the photographer's fantasy than about the people represented.
While we suspect there are real reasons to go after Saddam Hussein, the president only rehashed Hussein's past sins -- which no one disputes, but which many Americans still doubt are, cause enough for us to go to war.
Although some critics dismiss the synth-pop riffs and computer-programmed beats as nothing more than rehashed 1980s new wave, that isn't stopping devotees from donning their fashionable best (often '80s-inspired attire) and bopping into joints such as New York's Tribeca Grand Hotel and Club Luxx in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighborhood.
Even rehashed themes come alive when punctuated with amusing incidents and clever phrasing, as noted below.
Because of a change in New Jersey law, an earlier jury's punitive damage award of $5 million is yet to be rehashed in the courts, and that decision is appealable by either side.
Even rehashed Sondheim is better than none, although there's no dancing in it.
NATURE ABHORS A vacuum And as we speak, a vacuum of ideas is dragging managed care Into a whirling vortex of recycled ideas, rehashed techniques, and shopworn policies.
The 528-page tome, which spiraled instantly to the top of the best-seller list, has been trumpeted on the front page of The New York Times; satirized by Garry Trudeau; criticized on the covers of both Time and Newsweek; disputed by People; and rehashed on every major and minor talk show in the country.