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Jo's latest production, bringing back Kajol and Kareena Kapoor from his 2001 directorial feature Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham , is a tearduct teaser that officially rehashes the 1998 Hollywood sob story Stepmom .
But Myanmar's junta said Wednesday, ''The report is patently biased and it rehashes the unfounded allegations made by insurgents and opposition groups.
But this new version epitomizes creative laziness, which isn't that surprising given its makers - director Steven Trenbirth and writer Karl Geurs - are the same people responsible for inferior, direct-to-video rehashes of Disney movies like ``The Lion King II'' and ``Lady and the Tramp II.
VANCOUVER -- The Fraser Institute, a leading advocate of market solutions to health care problems, condemned the final Romanow report on health care in Canada, saying it "produces no new insights but rehashes the prejudices and preconceptions that have brought Canadian health care to its current difficulties.
E-mail" rehashes the chords of "West End Girls," which one could overlook if the lyrics weren't glaringly generic.