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n. conducting a hearing again based on the motion of one of the parties to a lawsuit, petition or criminal prosecution, usually by the court or agency which originally heard the matter. Rehearings are usually requested due to newly-discovered evidence, an unfortunate and possibly unintended result of the original order, a change of circumstance or a simple claim that the judge or agency was just wrong.

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REHEARING. A second consideration which the court gives to a cause, on a second argument.
     2. A rehearing takes place principally when the court has doubts on the subject to be decided; but it cannot be granted by the supreme court after the cause has been remitted to the court below to carry into effect the decree of the supreme court. 7 Wheat. 58.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(13) The Whipple court concluded by urging appellate counsel to carefully consider the appropriateness of filing a motion for rehearing, (14) particularly upon receipt of a PCA that just may lead to an order to show cause why sanctions should not be imposed.
The department claimed in its last-ditch request for a rehearing that revealing the identity of its supplier could endanger the pharmacy as well as the existence of the death penalty nationwide.
'If there had been no majority at (the time of) the case management, then a rehearing is in order,' he told the court.
'It is a good reason to have a rehearing,' Hilbay said at a news forum at UP Hotel in UP Diliman.
"Upon consideration of the appellant's petition for panel rehearing filed on October 25, 2017, it is ordered that the petition be denied," the United States Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia said.
However, before the PCA ruling became final, appellant filed a motion for rehearing, rehearing en banc, and written opinion stating that "a written opinion will provide a legitimate basis for Supreme Court review because the ruling without a written opinion, is in direct conflict with the Florida Supreme Court's decisions.
A rehearing can occur at initial action, or when the convening authority is authorized to do so by a superior competent authority, usually an appellate court.
Court of Appeals granted the government's petition for a rehearing en banc in Halbig v.
"The rehearing is good news for millions of families in 36 states counting on subsidies to offset the heavy cost of health insurance," he added.
The appeal court will start rehearing the case on May 22.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An appellate court is refusing to grant a rehearing to Michael Jackson's doctor on the appeal of his involuntary manslaughter conviction.
A party who disagrees with the derision of the ZBA must first request in writing a rehearing, stating every issue desired to be raised on appeal.