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Frank's faint remonstrances were rejected without a hearing; the days and hours of rehearsal were carefully noted down on the covers of the parts; and the Marrables took their leave, with a perfect explosion of thanks -- father, mother, and daughter sowing their expressions of gratitude broadcast, from the drawing-room door to the garden-gates.
The next day but one was the day of the first full rehearsal. On the previous evening Mrs.
'I've just come back from a rehearsal,' he said, seating himself beside her.
The company was due at Marvis Bay on the following evening for the last spasm of rehearsals.
Fate's Footballs in particular, rehearsals had just reached that stage of brisk delirium when the author toys with his bottle of poison and the stage-manager becomes icily polite.
His woodenness was, however, confined to stage rehearsals. It may be mentioned that, once the run of a piece had begun, he was sufficiently volatile, and in private life he was almost excessively so--a fact which had been noted at an early date by the keen-eyed authorities of his University, the discovery leading to his tearing himself away from Alma Mater by request with some suddenness.
'The rehearsals,' admitted Mr Mifflin, handsomely, 'weren't perfect; but you wait.
He never peeped in rehearsal. How was I to know he was going to yap when we arranged the set behind you?"
In all, during that day and the forenoon of the next, three long rehearsals took place.
You must often have heard him talk about fourth and fifth acts-- you must have seen rehearsals, and all the rest of it.' She abruptly thrust the manuscript into Henry's hand.
These meeting-places furnished ample ground for the discussion of current events as viewed by the mas- culine eye, while choir rehearsals, sewing societies, reading circles, church picnics, and the like, gave opportunity for the expression of feminine opinion.
Ecclesford and its theatre, with its arrangements and dresses, rehearsals and jokes, was his never-failing subject, and to boast of the past his only consolation.