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The railway conveyed the three, in excellent time, to Evergreen Lodge; and at one o'clock the rehearsal began.
His woodenness was, however, confined to stage rehearsals.
The rehearsals,' admitted Mr Mifflin, handsomely, 'weren't perfect; but you wait.
There was a rehearsal at the Beach Theatre that evening.
I've just come back from a rehearsal,' he said, seating himself beside her.
It languished a little when the present Duke in his youth insisted upon having his own operas played there, and it is said one day, in a fury, from his place in the orchestra, when he attended a rehearsal, broke a bassoon on the head of the Chapel Master, who was conducting, and led too slow; and during which time the Duchess Sophia wrote domestic comedies, which must have been very dreary to witness.
I'm coming, too, but I have to go to the Countess Bonina's rehearsal.
As for interpretation, it is a collective decision, one agreed upon during rehearsals.
2 -- 4) At rehearsals for ``Babes in Arms,'' director Glenn Casale (pictured with casting director Bruce H.
Our closed rehearsals for the Chinese Conjuror in Parade became a game of who could outdo whom.
4) Dancers warm up before rehearsal at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, where rehearsals are taking place for ``Pearl.