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Shahid then asked the production crew to send a message to Kareena telling her to wrap up quickly so that he can rehearse and leave for a scheduled shoot.
Thoughtful people rehearse for important conversations.
I don't want to be in a band, I don't want to rehearse.
Did they have to rehearse at midnight when everyone was trying to sleep?
When we rehearse something we are, so to speak, going over the same ground again and again.
Pacino, who won the best actor Oscar for 1992's "Scent of a Woman," said Wednesday that the best tip he could give about acting was "to rehearse.
Actors and collections catering to them will find How to Rehearse When There's No Rehearsal a winner: it assists actors in all mediums including television and film and uses over forty years experience on theatre, film and television to provide actors with a step-by-step program for developing and building a character.
One of the worst things a commentator can do is rehearse," he said.
When the final numbers were tallied, 60 teachers and students had signed up and committed to rehearse and perform together in two identical concerts--matinee and an evening performance.
Or if you must--"I want to rehearse for the job interview next week.
As an interesting and original concept, Real Men Don't Rehearse is highly recommended to all students of the musical trades, as well as the non-specialist general reader.