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Northern Command will also rehearse a war scenario, in unspecified locations.
Oh, and she is also organist at the Clayton West Methodist Church where Hobson's Chorus rehearses.
I'm so pleased that this can now benefit the rest of the community too and would urge anyone with an interest in singing to come along and rehearse with us.
His role as Calvin Valentine in the Merseyside soap means he will have less time to rehearse.
Each cast rehearses simultaneously -- two casts at the theatre, the other two at another location.
Colonel Jonathan Leach, of Mercia Accident Rescue Service, who led the course, said: "Whilst we hope that there will not be a major incident locally, it is extremely important that everyone in emergency services rehearses what they would do.
Here Streb teaches and rehearses, with the door always open to the community.
ROCKER Rod Stewart is offering up to 30 s t udent s work experience when he rehearses for his new US tour.
The society rehearses every Monday, 7pm in King's School Chapel.
They've loved it,' said Lowrri, who runs the school which rehearses in Wentloog Road, Rumney.
2 -- color) Joseff Stevenson rehearses ``Act Without Words 1'' in preparation for Antelope Valley College's production of ``Samuel Beckett Gets the Blues.
The film covers the midnineties, when Taylor choreographs a new dance, rehearses an old one, takes the company on tour to India, and prepares for a New York City season.