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1) Kimberly Otto, 20, and Joseph Palmer, 16, rehearse their parts for the Antelope Valley Ballet production of ``Giselle'' at 8 p.
color) Brad Darrington, playing bass, rehearses with six of his daughters, from left: Chloe, Millie and Emma, front; and Carly, Elspeth and Fiona, rear.
3 -- color) Director John Crocker accompanies members of the Antelope Valley High School Choir as they rehearse.
3 -- color) Violinist Rubin Khadavezdjan rehearses with the rest of the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra.
2 -- color) Samantha Evans, 12, rehearses letting down her hair as the title character in the Cedar Street Theatre's production of ``Rapunzel.
They also are concerned that children who stay late to rehearse - sometimes until 9 p.
1 -- color) A masked ballerina rehearses for the Santa Clarita Ballet Company's performance of ``The Nutcracker'' this weekend.
2) The Saugus High choir rehearses for a modern opera on campus today, with Los Angeles Opera singers in lead roles.
PHOTO (1--Color) Nancy Bohman rehearses ``These Boots are Made for Walkin'.
2--Color--Ran in SAC and AV Editions only) Bob Levy rehearses his role as Jesus Christ while a Roman played by Joel Sheridan torments him.
PHOTO (1--Color) Mark Blankfield rehearses his lines to prepare for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival.
PHOTO (1--Color in Conejo Edition only) Cynthia Ward rehearses a skit in which she plays a cheerleader as Steven Augustyn listens for his cue at Colina Middle School in T.