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Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is planning to rehire the chief executive of General Motors' Opel brand, Karl-Thomas Neumann, to head the Audi brand, Reuters has reported citing a source familiar with the matter.
In May councillors voted 57 to 18 in favour of plans to fire and rehire 2,700 teaching assistants under new terms and conditions which will see them paid only for term time work.
The newly elected board member joined the other two in voting last week to rehire Coe.
Congress needs to act on part of last year's jobs bill that would prevent more layoffs and rehire more teachers who lost their jobs, President Obama said.
But many argue they should not be forced to rehire disloyal staff, who abandoned their duties for several weeks to take part in illegal protests.
The unanimous ruling said hearing officer Thomas Humphries must revisit his decision ordering Bishop State Community College to rehire David Thomas, a former member of the Mobile County School Board.
Although it had planned to rehire 500 of the 800 temps, anemic demand in the United States has forced it to give up the plan, they said.
That will mean my best man and I having to rehire our kilts.
His complaint read like a challenge to his termination, rather than a discrete claim that Kellogg failed to rehire him because of his age.
The union confirmed it had asked AMR to allow the workers to remain on the rehire list, without success, while the airline said such a change will only be considered when a new 2008 contract is negotiated with the flight attendants.
In early December, the board was still in fact-finding mode, although the situation had stabilized enough to rehire a notation associate working on a special project with partial funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.