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The newly elected board member joined the other two in voting last week to rehire Coe.
Congress needs to act on part of last year's jobs bill that would prevent more layoffs and rehire more teachers who lost their jobs, President Obama said.
But many argue they should not be forced to rehire disloyal staff, who abandoned their duties for several weeks to take part in illegal protests.
The unanimous ruling said hearing officer Thomas Humphries must revisit his decision ordering Bishop State Community College to rehire David Thomas, a former member of the Mobile County School Board.
The union is asking the company to rehire all workers wanting to stay on the payroll, but the management is interested only in keeping those that suit the company's needs, the sources said.
Hirsch, Chairman, said, "We are delighted to be in a position to rehire some of our former employees.
General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is planning to rehire around 200 workers in Flint, Michigan.
Tesna had said that it would rehire 4,000 of Ansett's former employees to work at the revamped airline.
will introduce a system in 2003 to rehire plant workers after they retire at the age of 60, company officials said Friday.
However, many of those corporations that cut back on middle management personnel during the recession are not going to be quick to rehire, if they rehire at all, so those seeking middle management trainee positions will find the pickings slim.
Now the State will have to rehire them again and pay their wages as well as their pension.