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Qualified Filipino employees in Malaysia who have irregular status are highly encouraged to work with their employers to register under the Malaysian Government's Rehiring Program from Feb.
Union sources said the agreement will let those ex-employees to apply for their rehiring.
has decided to refrain from rehiring 500 temporary employees for a factory manufacturing a range of Lexus luxury models, officials at the Miyawaka, Fukuoka Prefecture-based firm said.
The former flight attendants wish to remain in the rehiring line with an opportunity to regain their old positions and qualify once more for a pension and health insurance.
Kroger has said a number of its store managers had violated company policy by rehiring locked out workers and letting them work under false names and documents, but it has disputed the charge that it sanctioned the illegal hiring of workers.
In secretly rehiring hundreds of locked-out employees under false identifies, Ralphs allegedly falsified thousands of employment records, including forms filed with government agencies such as employment eligibility forms, employee withholding allowance certificates and income tax statements.
A caveat: Only rehire those with satisfactory performance; don't cause yourself grief and possible future UI rate increases by rehiring employees with mediocre performance
So far, the Bolshoi's management has refused to heed the recommendation, and Russian culture minister Mikhail Shvydkoi has cautioned the sweets-slurping assoluta that, despite her possible rehiring, she can no longer expect to dance the principal roles in Swan Lake with the company.
When she saw the "quit in lieu of discharge" note, Bockmiller determined that Hernandez was ineligible for rehire because of the company's blanket policy of not rehiring employees that were fired or that resigned in lieu of termination.
Hughes rejected his application, citing a company policy against rehiring former employees discharged for misconduct.
Raytheon rejected the application because it had an unwritten policy against rehiring employees who violated workplace conduct rules.