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The meeting said that the trading community of Peshawar also wanted the beautification and its reidentification as the city of flowers.
Deidentification and Reidentification in Returning Individual Findings from Biobank and Secondary Research: Regulatory Challenges and Models for Management, 13 MINN.
Researchers should also collect only the minimum amount and detail of data needed for their research to reduce the risk of reidentification.
The literature on personal identity typically focuses upon what Marya Schechtman calls "the reidentification question"--the question of what makes a person at time [t.
147) As such, Professor Ohm's mandate to "reexamine every privacy law, asking whether the power of reidentification and fragility of anonymization have thwarted their original designs" (148) seems particularly prudent with regard to GINA.
If the aggregated data is going to be shared for research purposes it will need to undergo additional scrubbing to ensure that reidentification of a subject is not too easy to do.
While statistical methods can be used to determine the likelihood of possible reidentification, it necessarily depends upon the amount of anonymized clinical data linked with the sample, compared to the original data set, as well as the size of the population from which a sample may have originated.
Prior to the experiments, clams were maintained in 50 ppm seawater solution of alizarin red for 2 days to stain the shell surface for later reidentification (Hidu and Hanks 1968, Tanaka 1980).
Ray Hostetter (1964-1994), the institution's most longevous leader; it documents a decade of consolidation, reconfiguration, and formal reidentification inaugurated by President Rodney J.
The core challenge is balancing the risk of reidentification with the utility associated with data analysis.
La reidentification du sens et l'acquisition d'une nouvelle conscience de la signification de la science pour l'humanite sont devenues necessaires pour prevenir << la barbarie >>.
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