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Singh explains that movement patterns are linked to the ability to reidentify individuals.
While the answer to which approach to analyzing personally identifiable information is the more salient one is unclear, the idea that there is one singular, comprehensive method for dealing with the problems produced by the increasing ability to reidentify would seem to be incongruous.
Though the Yeshu Satsangs retain and adapt certain practices that are shared with local and global Christ-following communities, they have also incorporated select Hindu/Sikh practices and in various ways are seeking to reidentify themselves with their Hindu/Sikh communities.
The failure to analyze a higher number of detected CTCs is mainly due to the inability to transfer all CTCs undisturbed from the CellSearch cartridge onto slides and reidentify them for micromanipulation.
36) Here is the crucial thing to realize about color constancy: if it did not obtain, we simply would not be able to reidentify objects in virtue of their colors in anything but the most controlled of laboratory conditions.
Furthermore, it would remain exceedingly difficult to reidentify a particular individual even if the researcher attempted to compare the anonymous data set against a separate identified store of the original clinical data.
xxiii) with which most people are already familiar seems unnecessary, and his tendency not to reidentify infrequently occurring abbreviations creates difficulty for the reader (e.
Battle drills, reconnaissance operations, quartering party operations, advanced echelon operations, and the marshalling of all serials in the field are all great training events, if for nothing else than to reidentify and hone the priorities of work for the defense of the BSA at its new location and to reestablish all tactical operations centers for command and control.
Once a hospital reported full CPOE status, the Leapfrog data and the HIMSS data (less so) were able to reidentify the same hospital as reporting full CPOE status in a subsequent year with adequate consistency.
We did not use the algorithm described earlier in Section IV to reidentify the dates of deterioration and adjustment periods for the United Slates.
It was the titleless members of this class--the "lower" gentry--who were more apt to enter business and reidentify as members of the middle class.
It did, however, agree with the auditing community that it shouldn't be necessary for an auditor to reidentify all previous material weaknesses when the auditor goes back to check on one of them under AS4.