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The key idea is that if someone were to acquire simple information, such as the date, location, time, and the dollar amount of just four credit card transactions, they could reidentify 90% of users in sets of data that do not include any names, account numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, or other obvious identifiers.
Furthermore, we will be able to reidentify it in virtue of this color even if it is viewed on deck in the sun or shade, as well as inside the boat under a tungsten light.
Sites providing anonymous or deidentified samples for research use commonly have investigators and associated study staff sign a "data and sample use agreement" that stipulates terms under which the provided samples and data may be used and that researchers will not attempt to reidentify subjects, on the basis of their research or any access to clinical records that they may have, in the course of their research or in the course of delivery of medical care.
xxiii) with which most people are already familiar seems unnecessary, and his tendency not to reidentify infrequently occurring abbreviations creates difficulty for the reader (e.
Battle drills, reconnaissance operations, quartering party operations, advanced echelon operations, and the marshalling of all serials in the field are all great training events, if for nothing else than to reidentify and hone the priorities of work for the defense of the BSA at its new location and to reestablish all tactical operations centers for command and control.
Once a hospital reported full CPOE status, the Leapfrog data and the HIMSS data (less so) were able to reidentify the same hospital as reporting full CPOE status in a subsequent year with adequate consistency.
THE AMERICAN ART SONG CANON continues to reidentify and rearticulate its borders and boundaries, and this organic process underscores the importance of including the works of a wide array of composers, including African American women.
Some authors recently used a molecular identification technique to reidentify isolates in their collection and found a lot of remarkable differences.
com/ abstract=1450006 (discussing the impact of "reidentification science'--the ability to reidentify previously anonymized data--on privacy protections).
Rooting interest in the participants is sustained by Schnack's smart decision to reidentify participants throughout the film.
We did not use the algorithm described earlier in Section IV to reidentify the dates of deterioration and adjustment periods for the United Slates.