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3] Yet Dean's antagonism to reification resides not so much in the increasing mechanization of time, but rather in how that time is employed.
than the fantasy McHale is ready to acknowledge: Stencil's insistent diagnoses of disease in history accumulate into a kind of grand narrative as rigid and constraining, in its own way, as the reification that preys upon the lady V.
For Naipaul, the reification or "objectification" of material reality in modern Africa concurs with the advent of both alienated and historical consciousness, a process aptly illustrated in the early pages of A Bend in the River when the narrator Salim muses over how an ordinary British postage stamp enabled him to detach himself from his local surroundings and consider them "as from a distance":
The cowboy's "walks," of course, are the Situationists' derives, or "drifts," their "organized group wanderings through urban terrain," Marcus would write in 1986, "meant to escape, and to provoke the state of mind necessary to contest, modern structures of reification as embodied in dominant architecture, city planning, and the passive habits and routines such structures enforced.
Commodifying (post)colonialism; othering, reification, commodification and the new literatures and cultures in English.
332) Earlier historians of women's work have not been arguing that women wanted their work to remain informal and badly paid, though Crowston's conclusion that "the guild's legal and institutional reification of existing notions of women s work contributed to a new level of rigidity in the sexual division of labor" (p.
In medieval England, we can see this reification of relations in such material practices and social rituals as the status categories of the law, which governed people in different social categories with different laws, or, to take a more specific example, the sumptuary laws, which dictated what clothes could be worn or food consumed according to where one was located in the social order.
Whereas Maureen Peal and Shirley Temple serve as icons of the destructive reification of caste and whiteness, respectively, the "St.
Then he explores apophatic elements of the late medieval writers, concluding that rather than a reification into "apophatic" and "kataphatic" spiritualities, the entire Christian mystical tradition is concerned instead with "the relation between the apophatic and the kataphatic `moments' within the trajectory of the Christian itinerarium in Deum" (256-57).
In doing so, they effect a reification process: they build a narrative that brings into existence the dead man and all potential stories.
Lichtenstein and his contemporaries faced what David Joselit has termed "the reification trap": the fact that painting, in its combination of "maximum prestige with maximum convenience of display," is inevitably and intimately linked to the commodity, and thus compels artists to work through the "enduring critical dead end" of reflecting on and responding to this reified stated Or, in Lichtenstein's case, to apparently embrace it with open arms--for is there any more identifiable artistic trademark than Lichtenstein's Benday dot, as effective a logo as any Madison Avenue executive could dream up?
The doctrine expounded in the epistemological excursus, he says, helps clarify what the so-called problem of reification of forms is all about.