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I have therefore argued that rather than E-Prime our E-Choice should be to eliminate the large patterns of identification which occur in reified and mythological discourses.
In other words, the problem is not religious or confessional, but historical, political and social; and once "Islam" as a heuristic and historically productive category is removed--once, that is, the question ceases to be "Islam and Science" but rather "the sciences in Islamic societies"--then research can proceed along historical lines without the distorting effects of the assumption of an essentialized and reified "Islam.
But above all, Loewenstein's argument is based upon the old assumption that the events of the 1640s and 1650s constituted a capital-R reified "Revolution" like unto the French and Russian, and its corollary that a figure's radical bona fides is his conformity with later ideal types of The Revolutionary.
While I certainly went through the modern version of the "agonies of the damned" buying a Japanese internal-combustion engine advertised through nostalgia and wrapped in red plastic, I never once was duped, misled, waylaid, or reified.
s interrogation of whether portrayals of "the poor" offered a "pathway to God" or an "ideological construct," I had the feeling that the category of "the poor" was indeed being reified and nullified.
He traces the roots on Hindu religious identity to the 19th century, when the colonial state codified and reified existing religious and caste divisions in order to set communities against each other.
In one of his many bleak accounts on the role of popular music within the culture industry, the German philosopher lambasted what he called '30s music's "fetish character": the reified nature of its easily assimilated melodies; its propensity to subsume listeners in a wash of aural pabulum; and its facilitation of a new mode of listening, described by Adorno as "regressive.
Indeed, he suggests, it is important to appreciate that men's love for women--actual, individual women--lay beneath the war's reified image of "Woman.
Her readings of Lippmann's and Sandburg's journalism on the Chicago race riot and her engaging readings of those intriguing World War IIera Negro Digest columns in which white liberals fitfully attempted to assume black identity show us in what ways liberal sensibilities become reified and liberal imaginations sterile in those critical moments of conflict between races and na tions.
Perhaps affecting Kastan's strategies here is a "binary" left over from poststructur alist New Historicism: a reified repressive Authority which seeks to represent itself as transcendent must be revealed as an interested historical construction.
You may say that my refusal of the standard "problem of evil" is unwarrantedly optimistic and "fails to take evil really seriously" -- as if it were true that nothing is being taken seriously unless it is being reified, a proposition that might lead to some very odd conclusions.
The latter, adumbrated by Rudolf Agricola and Philip Melanchthon, maps reified data in printed books, infecting the mindset of both Protestant reformers (16) and post-Tridentine Catholic apologists (71).