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But when my mind reifies the concept "enemy" (as our minds are conditioned to do), the concept is absolutized and no longer functions as a contextual, conventional truth.
Given the shortcomings, then, of both essentialism (which is politically active yet reifies gender stereotypes) and endless deconstruction (without normative guidelines for political action), what is the solution?
38) In expecting and perceiving each circus to be the same, the public's fetishizing perception precariously reifies the continuity and identity of the circus.
And yet there's a sense of homage to art and its canon here too, an aura appropriation that reifies the swatches of color in the painting behind Opgenorth, making them suddenly germane.
In contrast to the approach of Freeman, who reifies the natural setting of augury, treating nature as available for use in expressing ideas about society, the author departs from the viewpoint that nature and nature-culture relations are compelling in their own right.