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But when the mind reifies its thoughts of self and other, it mistakes the whole person for one small set of characteristics imputed to him by one's mind, reducing the other person to a simple, singular thing that the mind absolutizes as the whole person.
And for heterosexual men that means negotiating women's complex ideas as to what the male essence should be: the serene and sensitive "nice guy" or the aggressive take-charge type and sexual machine that the mass media reifies into what a "real" man should be.
Insisting on an essential "African" identity, this discourse, as promoted by "Harlem Renaissance" and "Black Arts Movement" theorists and practitioners, reifies orality, feeling, festivals, and ritual, while denigrating the well-made play.
Money reifies the essential contradiction of the social order; if you spend it, you lose it; if you keep it, it's useless.