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But to reify and absolutize the label "doctor" (which our minds tend to do) is to think of her as only a doctor.
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The more generic dream - generally identified as kapukurri - shares certain ontological and narrational qualities with the Tjukurrpa, however, Poirier seems to imply that all dreams possess the force to shape and reify Aboriginal ideology.
But the circular frame of the methodology--moving between theology as a reflective praxis and theology as liberating pastoral action--introduces ambiguities in interpretations of poverty that beget two problems: (1) reflection that tends to hypostatize and reify the category of "the poor" into a meaningless cipher, often invoked to suit ulterior theological agendas; and (2) distortion of the category of "the poor" into an idolatrous figure that loses sight of the divine power sustaining life in the face of desperate poverty.
In chapter two, "Sticky Emotions and Identity Metaphors," Micciche uses emotion as an analytic to reveal how compositionists are attached to metaphors, which may reify their subordinate status because they form a negative affective standpoint as "emotional residue" (27-31).
84) Eighteenth-century lawmakers, however, had different aims; they wanted to reify hierarchies of race, class, and status.
A tendency shows in the discussion of Southeast Asian Chinese minorities to reify identity, especially Chinese identity, and to see it as a cultural whole.
Because these critics are committed to Foucault's dark view of ideological power, homogeneously conceived, and to the assumption that our own world is alienated from that of the Renaissance, they interpret portions of Shakespeare's text supradramatically in order to reify their own ideological compulsions.
The semantic effect of such collapsing is to reify the process by identifying participants and causes of actions with the process.
He argues convincingly that to reify Islam is an egregious error, and that Western comprehension of Muslim activism requires a discriminating sense of the very different forms which the revival of Islam has assumed.
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She critiques the tendency of the mainstream media to reify and contain a Latina/o identity that is then sold back to youth in ways that limit Latina/o agency.