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Similarly, in order usefully to retain the word "enemy" as merely a conventional truth (as Gutierrez wants to do), we would have to avoid reifying it.
The essay "Reflections on American 'Left' Literary Criticism" deploys Gramsci to remind such American critics that their theoretical radicalism is always-already contained by the hegemonic apparatus of the state, and that real radicalism will necessitate explicitly thinking through that reifying and bureaucratizing dominative and discursive machinery.
Morrison moves readers "outside established boundaries" of thought by posing a multiple or nomadic subjectivity against a fixed and unified subject position, by displacing whiteness and the power of the white gaze without reifying blackness, and by creating an artistic practice that brings about insight.
We want to avoid reifying the term, to avoid turning success into a thing.
a map supporting the desegregation of schools, and a map of Mars reifying a scientific hypothesis.
In other words, Sung has deflected attention onto anything and everything, accumulating vast archives of newspaper clippings, bad photographs, and clown personae to avoid reifying the cultural categories of art and artist.
Childhood, seen through the reifying lens of a romanticized nostalgia, naturalizes children's "little lifting helplessness, the queer / Whimper-whine" (115).
We must allow these realms to relate to each other in overlapping ways rather than reifying the categories of public and private.
But when she gets down to the business of interpreting pictures she has little recourse to this reifying language.