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Such a fierce, confronting compassion is possible only if it is the expression of a de-reifying wisdom rather than any kind of reifying anger.
Liberation theology would also shine light on Buddhist epistemological principles--for example, how reifying ignorance and the attempt by dominant groups to avoid sufferings of transience shape forms of racism, ethnocentrism, patriarchy, economic oppression, and ecological destruction that hide our motivations through ideological rationalization.
Feudalism is significant to these novels as a historical and displaced alternative to the reifying power that presently reorganizes British mental life, just as it physically reorganizes those men who, like Wyndham Lewis's gunners, are in active service.
The feudal spirit readers encounter in Parade's End is not a contemporary political solution, but a contrast to the foul system reifying people into commodities.
Likewise, Tietjens's feudalism is an idealized alternative to the reifying present, and an alternative dramatized by his success applying feudal sensibilities to the exigencies of war.
The move from disdain for politicians to distrust of a reifying mindset indicates the way this novel will focus the war.
The second practice involved in reifying an objectified traveler is, therefore, a totalization of the performance in time.
In the paradoxical relations by which the spectators' selves and the circus are related, it is in the spectators, in their reifying selves (the selves which are seemingly transcended by their circus-reified "really real" selves) that circus absence is inscribed.
By reifying the circus, the public, the writer, the reader reify themselves.
Thus, the act of reifying the circus's absence is at the root of the reification of its own realness.
My vulnerability would lie in romanticizing blackness rather than demonizing it; vilifying whiteness rather than reifying it.
But the sleek and hard surfaces of the images expose the photographer's manipulative role, reifying the fluid and living via a disengaged formalism.