reign of terror

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He had established a reign of terror in Lyari and adjoining areas and remained associated with Uzair Baloch's gang,' the officer added.
He notes the growth of terror as a theoretical construct in literature in the eighteenth century, and compares it to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, in which people were incarcerated and killed for merely having an opinion.
The government expects that North Korea's recent development could bring a bloody purge and a reign of terror, and is closely watching for the possibility of provocations against the South and terror by rebellious groups, " the ministry said, adding that Seoul is thoroughly preparing against military and non-military provocations by North Korea.
The center housing the exhibit is already one of Berlin's most visited memorial sites, the now-razed buildings on the site served as the headquarters for the Secret State Police, and were the central institutions for the Nazi reign of terror from 1933 to 1945.
A SEX offender has been jailed indefinitely after admitting a 15-year reign of terror in the Midlands.
Adapted from David Pearce's cult crime novels and picking the scab of police corruption around the time of The Yorkshire Ripper's reign of terror, it stars Sean Bean, Paddy Considine, David Morrissey, Warren Clarke and Andrew Garfield and looks a knockout.
The terrorist, created by his own nation's reign of terror, is transformed into a freedom fighter.
What impact Foley and Haggard had on the 2006 midterm election will be up to historians to decide, but we do know that the Republican Party's reign of terror (or the reign of terror of the "war on terror") has met its end, with Democrats winning a majority in both the House and Senate.
If not, there can be nothing but a reign of terror in the South until the nation is involved in a Civil War from one end of the land to the other of which the last war is a mere trifle compared to it.
My8-16 Stalin's Reign of Terror, Ja23-12 SPACE EXPLORATION NASA's High Hopes, D12-7 Return to Flight?
revolution and the French reign of terror, had profound implications for science as well as for religion and politics.
Murrow and his crew of patriotic reporters at CBS news had the courage to stand up to McCarthy to bring an end to his long reign of terror.