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The next Pius, the 12th, elected on his 63rd birthday, reigned for more than 19 years.
She will have to stay Queen until 2008 to claim the third place from Henry III who reigned for 56 years, from 1216 to 1272.
Then, every once in a while, an emperor would reorganize the Empire in an attempt to make it stronger, as did Diocletian (who reigned from 284 to 305).
One of a handful of champs that had reigned since the program's inception in 1940, the California sycamore was washed away in a flood, which is ironic since California is now in its fifth year of drought (see "The Passing of Champions," in the National Register insert in this magazine).
Invigorated by their good luck, they proceeded to uncover the bones of a man in his 30s -- apparently the son of Smoke Imix, who reigned as Copan's king from A.D.
He surrounded himself with an armed entourage, since, in Livy's estimation, "he had no claim to the kingdom except by force, inasmuch as he reigned without either the order of the people or the sanction of the senate." Like most tyrants, Tarquin was preoccupied with war and with building a monument to himself, in this case an immense temple of Jupiter intended to be the most magnificent building in the ancient world.