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He'll be challenged by a star-studded field, including teammate Andrew Wheating, veteran Khadevis Robinson and reigning NCAA champion Charles Jock.
Queen Victoria was the last British monarch to reign for 60 years Tony Blair was the first PM the Queen has worked with to be born during her reign 8 The Queen with Pope John Paul II, one of six Popes during her reign The monarch has attended the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday in almost every year of her 60 as Queen The Queen has sat for 129 official portraits, including one by Rolf Harris in 2006 win the Aberfan 3322 The Queen has taken the forces' salute in all but one Trooping the Colour during her time on the throne 4488 The birth of Prince Andrew was the first time a reigning monarch had given birth since Queen Victoria in 1857 The Queen's 60-year reign has generated a host of amazing milestones
3 : to be the best or most powerful <the reigning champions>
Yahweh seated in the sanctuary, reigning over the nations, now comes to set his reign in motion in justice.