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Service contractors reported receiving 45% of their revenue from cost reimbursable contracts, up from 28% three years earlier.
The reimbursable amount is distributed to various water users, including irrigation water districts, which benefit from one or more of the project's purposes, such as water supply and power generation.
3 million excluding the impact of the transition costs and reimbursable G&A, compared with $38.
Aside from funding received from other Federal statistical agencies, SOI continues to undertake small reimbursable projects for private organizations and individuals.
Note: This list does not include all reimbursable items.
The city's and company's expenses would be reimbursable from the sale of the property.
127(c)(1)(A), reimbursable expenses under a qualified EAP include tuition, fees, books, equipment, supplies and costs of any courses that instruct employees, as long as the education does not involve the use of athletic facilities or equipment and is not recreational in nature.
The printout has room for comments and is ready to submit for reimbursable studies and inclusion in patient records.
They estimate that they will lose revenue, either because of the time spent on e-mail detracting from other visits, or because this service isn't reimbursable.
This Y2K litigation poses a difficult and fundamental question that the courts must address: What is the boundary between an insured's ordinary and prudent risk-management expenses to protect property against harm and reimbursable sue-and-labor expenses incurred in the face of an actual or imminent peril?