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I group contracting a reimbursable worth 1,172,505.
The reimbursable contract will be executed through Kentz%s engineering and projects business unit
BridgeSat will work with NASA's Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate and the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program within the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate on a reimbursable basis.
Gaining Reimbursable Fee Program status will help CVG enhance its air cargo operations, said Senator McConnell, who contacted the CBP on behalf of his constituents.
M2 PHARMA-November 4, 2014-PTC Therapeutics's Translarna approved in the list of drugs reimbursable by Italian National Health System
In this article, we introduce DoD's strategic direction and policy regarding IGT activity, including the adoption of Treasury's Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) to address reimbursable business activity that contributes to this material weakness.
0m in reimbursable items for the quarter, as well as an unfavorable currency translation of USD 6.
The project will comprise reimbursable funds of $3 million to expand financing for organizations in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
Airbus has won firm commitment of reimbursable launch aid towards the ell billion cost of developing the new aircraft from the French and German governments.
Cost reimbursable contracts accounted for the largest share of federal work in 2007, according to a survey of contractors by the consulting firm Grant Thornton.
To assist Congress in evaluating the proposed drainage solutions, Congress asked us to determine how much the federal government has spent to construct the CVP, including the San Luis Unit irrigation and drainage facilities, and what amount is reimbursable by water users, and how much of the reimbursable CVP construction cost has been allocated to San Luis Unit irrigation water districts and how much they have repaid.
Compatible with nearly all POS (Point of Sale) systems, this solution works as a shopper machine, serving reimbursable meals.