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The rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors in the event that Net-based thefts took place with the depositors not at fault.
On the other hand, in Situation 3, the discretion, whether or not exercised, given by the governing instrument to the trustee to reimburse G from Trust's assets for the amount of income tax paid by G would not alone cause the inclusion of Trust in G's gross estate, if there is no expressed or implied understanding between G and the trustee regarding the trustee's exercise of discretion--regardless of whether or not the trustee actually reimburses G.
Where NZNO members who are members of standing committees and who are required to take unpaid leave to attend any meeting, NZNO shall reimburse the member for any actual loss of income, subject to the member providing evidence of that loss.
A provides that under no circumstances may any amounts held in an MICA be distributed to any participant, except to reimburse him or her for substantiated medical expenses incurred by the participant or his or her spouse or dependents.
2002-41, the maximum reimbursement under the HRA, which is not applied to reimburse medical care expenses before an employee retires or otherwise terminates employment, continues to be available for such costs after retirement.
States that want to reimburse contractors with state funds will have to submit contract changes to their FHWA division office.
Under the program, eligible businesses apply to ETP for funds to reimburse them for training new and retraining current employees.
In Situation 2, the maximum reimbursement under the HRA not applied to reimburse medical care expenses before an employee retires or otherwise terminates employment continues to be available after retirement or termination for any Sec.
Romero says Schwarzenegger isn't necessarily to blame for the federal government's failure to adequately reimburse the state, but she clearly believes he hasn't applied enough pressure on his fellow Republicans at the White House and in Congress at a time when a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement could shave up to 15 percent from next year's projected budget deficit.
Employers that relocate employees overseas often reimburse them for the added taxes they may incur in a foreign country.
Gelco Expense Management can reimburse clients' travelers virtually anywhere in the world and is the only provider to integrate expense reporting and payments into one solution to manage the entire process.