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In Situation 2, where the governing instrument requires the trustee to reimburse G from Trust's assets for the amount of income tax paid by G, the full value of Trust's assets, $1,500,000, is includable in G's gross estate upon his death because G has retained the right to have Trust property expended in discharge of G's legal obligation.
1 million to reimburse shelter operations, barricading roads, pumping out floodwater and sandbagging.
In addition, the FSA and HRA pay or reimburse preventive care benefits, as described in Notice 2004-23.
If a doctor does not indicate there is a medical justification, Medicare still will reimburse for the drug but at a lower rate.
The organization will reimburse LAPD for $11,000 of the conference expense.
Under this Act, Medicare reimburses hospital outpatient departments at 95% of the average wholesale price for new drugs and biologicals for which a Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) code has not yet been assigned.
FEMA typically reimburses 75 percent of eligible PA expenses, however, FEMA will reimburse applicants 90 percent of eligible PA expenses given the magnitude of the August 2016 floods.
G uses a business expense reimbursement program under which it reimburses employees for all reasonable and necessary travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses.
In addition, Amgen officials acknowledged Wednesday what had been leaked to the public earlier this month: The government is considering cutting the amount it reimburses dialysis centers for the drug by 10 percent.