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Pickwick was the very personation of kindness and humanity: he threw the reins on the horse's back, and having descended from his seat, carefully drew the chaise into the hedge, lest anything should come along the road, and stepped back to the assistance of his distressed companion, leaving Mr.
The animal was startled by the noise, and the reins were on his back.
She mounted the chariot sick and sorry at heart, while Iris sat beside her and took the reins in her hand.
He hit him with a stone upon the elbow, and the reins, enriched with white ivory, fell from his hands into the dust.
As soon as they were at close quarters he let fly with his bronze spear over the reins and yoke, thinking to take Diomed's life, but Minerva caught the spear in her hand and made it fly harmlessly over the chariot.
Amal Bourquia : Il faut d'abord savoir que cette thematique est choisie par la Societe Internationale de Nephrologie (ISN) et la Federation Internationale des Fondations du Rein (IFKF), et que ce choix repose sur des donnees et arguments objectifs.
Cette etude montre en effet qu'une fois arrives au Caire, les migrants se retrouvent plonges dans une situation de vulnerabilite telle que le fait de devenir [beaucoup moins que] courtier[beaucoup plus grand que] ou de revendre son rein apparait comme une issue aisement envisageable.
24 December 2014 - US-based law firm Wiley Rein LLP has acquired Washington, DC-based lobbying firm McBee Strategic Consulting, LLC, the company said on Wednesday.
Wiley Rein is the 'gold standard' among communications firms, and one that combines regulatory prowess with public policy, international advocacy, trade, intellectual property, government contracts, and litigation experience," McDowell told me in a recent interview.
We are thrilled Rob is joining Wiley Rein," said Wiley.
L'echographie abdominale a indique la presence d'une enorme masse tissulaire mesurant 25 cm de grand axe aux depens du rein droit.
You wouldn't be able to distinguish between them because they are so far away that you would see both in one spectrum," Rein said.