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Given the novel's appearance in Russia in the early 1990s, at a time when efforts were being made to reincarcerate women in the domestic sphere, Zhenskii Dekameron becomes a(n unintentional) protest against attempts to conflate womanhood with motherhood, to force female bodies to become solely maternal.
(163) The Third Circuit has in dicta suggested yet another approach--distinguishing between administrative decisions that reincarcerate a prisoner who was previously released and decisions that delay the initial release of a presently incarcerated prisoner.
High recidivism rates and frequent parole failures make it costly for states to reincarcerate these individuals, often multiple times during their lives.
But Police Inspector Javert, played by Malkovich, believes that criminals are incurable and tries time and again, through the years, to ensnare and reincarcerate Valjean.
Bettina's father does not want vengeance but feels obliged to work to reincarcerate the savage man who murdered his daughter.
reincarcerate than to continue nonpunitive rehabilitation." Id.
"I'm broke as a church mouse," he explained, and the Bureau of Prisons can reincarcerate him if he becomes ill and cannot pay for his medical care.